Community Relations

Aspire conducts its activities in the vicinity of various sub-provinces (“soums”) within the Khuvsgul Province of northern Mongolia. The soums which lie closest to Aspire’s projects are Tsetserleg, Tsagaan Uul, and Burentogtokh.

Aspire’s dedicated community relations team engage and work closely with the local communities to promote advancement in education, health, environmental sustainability and economic development.

Aspire’s ongoing community programmes include tree seed planting, sponsorship of local sporting events, tailoring training, study tours with local community representatives and school children, capacity and leadership  training, informal education classes for illiterate young people aged 18-35, summer recreational and nutritional programs among the malnourished and limited growth infants under five, public information sharing day’s  and soum festivities.

Scholarship Programme

Aspire has established a tertiary scholarship programme focussed on soums near the Ovoot Project. The programme is designed to run for four years with four scholarships to be awarded annually to Mongolian students who have demonstrated a record of high academic achievement. The first award of scholarships was made in 2012. To date,a total 12 scholarships have been granted to successful students from local soums.
Scholarship funding is for a four year degree designed to assist Mongolian nationals to obtain bachelor degrees in the Sciences, Media and Community Relations and will provide opportunities to gain practical work experience with Aspire whilst completing their studies.

Contribution to Health

Aspire’s contribution to health have included donations to assist the completion of construction for a new hospital at Tsetserleg (completed construction in late 2012), the closest Soum centre to the Ovoot Project, and funding of the nearby Mogoin Gol health clinic.

Whilst on-site, Aspire has also provided the services of its own resident doctor based at the Ovoot Project, to Tsetserleg and Tsagaan Uul residents who is able to providing medical assistance, and where necessary, make house calls for residents who are unfit to travel.

Herding Impact Strategy

Aspire, in association with the Khuvsgul provincial local soums, is formulating a Herder Relocation Plan, which outlines a suitable relocation programme ahead of the development of the Ovoot Project. Herder families, located within a certain radius, are proposed to be relocated within the Khuvsgul province to another area with equivalent or better conditions, suitable for the grazing needs of animals, and providing adequate winter season protection.

Under the plan, Aspire would cover relocation costs and other compensations and ensure that a suitable water well or water bore is available at the new location.