Aspire Mining

Community Relations

Aspire conducts its activities in the vicinity of various sub-provinces (“soums”) within the Khuvsgul Province of northern Mongolia. The soums which lie closest to Aspire’s projects are Tsetserleg, Tsagaan Uul and Burentogtokh.

Aspire’s dedicated community relations team engage and work closely with the local communities to promote advancement in education, health, environmental sustainability and economic development.

Aspire’s ongoing community programmes include tree planting, livestock fodder production for local herders, sponsorship of local sporting events and education support.

The Fodder Program

In 2021, the Company commenced The Fodder Program to farm a 200ha lot to produce quality livestock feed for sale at nominal prices to local herders to enable a higher herd survival rate across Winter and assist to improve the health and wellbeing of livestock. The end goal is to support the development of a local dairy and meat industry.

Scholarship Program

Aspire has established a tertiary scholarship program focussed on soums near the Ovoot Project.

The Company has made its intention to offer BA level scholarships to citizens who are in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of studies at a local accredited University. The Scholarship program is designed to contribute to the Tsetserleg soum development.

Currently two students from 3rd Bagh of the Tsetserleg soum are offered BA studies scholarships. The two students attend the National University of Mongolia and the Agricultural University of Mongolia, respectively.


The “Northern miners” technical and vocational training program is sponsored by the Company in partnership with Erdenet Complex College. The training program was developed in 2020 to support employment opportunities for Tsetserleg soum residents. The program trains local Tsetserleg soum residents to become licenced truck drivers and heavy duty mine machinery operators.

Contribution to Health

Aspire’s contribution to health has included donations to assist the completion of construction for a new hospital at Tsetserleg, the closest Soum centre to the Ovoot Project, and funding of the nearby Mogoin Gol health clinic.

The Company sponsors routinely health initiatives in the local communities including heart health screening, dental and general health.