Ovoot Coking Coal Project

Aspire’s wholly owned Ovoot Project comprises one mining license and two contiguous exploration licences across 130 square kilometres.

The Ovoot Project area is located in north-western Mongolia and was discovered by the company in 2010 to 2013.

In August 2012 the Company was granted a mining license over the Resource area.

Ovoot Basin Tenement Outline and Mining Licences

Ovoot Coal Resources

JORC Resource Ovoot Open Pit Ovoot Underground Total (Mt)
Measured 197.0 0.0 197.0
Indicated 46.9 25.4 72.3
Inferred 9.2 2.6 11.8
Total 253.1 27.9 281.0

Ovoot Coal Reserves

JORC Reserves1 Probable (Mt)

(Arb, 2% moisture)

Total (Mt) Marketable (Mt)

(Arb, 9.5% moisture)

Open Pit 247 247 182
Underground 8 6 6
Total 255 255 188

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Indicative Product Specification

Indicative Ovoot Washed Coking Coal Specification
Moisture 9%
Ash 9%
Volatiles 25-28%
Sulphur 1.2%
Max Fluidity Log 3.60
Max Dilation +300%
Gray King G11
G Caking Index +95
Y Index mm +26
RoMax 1.2

Ovoot Coking Coal is classified as a “Fat” Coking coal under the Chinese coking coal classification system. This coal category provides high fluidity coals with good plastic and excess caking properties which are used to blend lower quality coking coals.

Ovoot Coal Blending to Upgrade Lower Ranking Coals

1. AME Group “Coking Coal Market Outlook” presentations to Coaltrans Conference in Brisbane dated August 2011.

2. China coking coal market report provided to Aspire by one of China’s leading coal consultancy firms, dated December 2014.

As an example of Ovoot Coking Coal’s blending capabilities Aspire has conducted a number of blending tests with various coals (including non-coking coals from the Tavan Tolgoi Mine) that demonstrated the capacity to blend with Ovoot Coking Coal and upgrade the coking ability of other coals. The test work has shown that blending relatively low proportions of Ovoot Coking Coal (as low as 25% in the blend) resulted in a blended primary coking coal product under the Chinese system. In June 2016 Aspire entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC, a Mongolian Government controlled entity that owns the Tavan Tolgoi Coal Mine, detailing cooperation on further technical and commercial assessments regarding the blending of Aspire’s Ovoot Coking Coal with various coals from the Tavan Tolgoi deposit.

Proposed Ovoot project site infrastructure plan

Final Pit and Infrastructure Layout – Ovoot Open Pit and Underground