Corporate Governance

The Company’s main corporate governance policies and practices are outlined in the documents available below.

Corporate Governance Statement

Please click here to view Aspire’s Corporate Governance Statement.

Board Skills Matrix

Please click here to view Aspire’s Board Skill Matrix.

Code of Practice

Please click here to view Aspire’s Code of Practice.

Corporate Governance Policies

Please click here to view the following Company’s Corporate Governance Policies and Charters:

  • Board Charter
  • Corporate Code of Conduct
  • Audit and Risk Committee Charter
  • Remuneration Committee Charter
  • Nomination Committee Charter
  • Disclosure – Performance Evaluation
  • Disclosure – Continuous Disclosure
  • Disclosure – Risk Management
  • Trading Policy
  • Shareholder Communications Strategy
  • Diversity Policy
  • Definition of Independence

Company Constitution

Please click here to view the Company’s Constitution.